About Us

A and L Remediation Services Inc. is a full service asbestos removal company incorporated in 1994 and is a certified minority woman owned business. Fully insured and bonded, providing licensed removal of asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials from Commercial, Industrial, Governmental Facilities and Private Homes.

Providing Mobile On Site Application

Allows us to have what we need when we need it, therefore eliminating down time, cost over runs and project delays. A&L can provide approved disposal containers, transport and disposal services for virtually any size project.

Complex Multi Story Abatement

A&L has performed many complex multi story complete interior asbestos demolition using only OSHA/EPA Certified Supervision & Technicians.  Incorporating Federal, State & Local regulation(s) on all projects to ensure the safety and compliance for our workers and clients.

Single / Multiple Story Exterior Surface Coatings

Providing complete enclosure systems to guarantee our clients safety and that of the surrounding environment. Protecting our client's liability at all times.

Interior / Exterior Cementicous Panels

Categorized as NRACM ( Non - Friable, Non-Regulated Asbestos Containing material ) is very common throughout the South Eastern United States incorporated into Industrial Warehouses and Governmental Facilities.

Exterior Siding Shingles

Categorized as NRACM ( Non - Friable, Non - Regulated Asbestos Containing Material ) incorporated into many single family residences usually as roof or siding shingles

Commercial & Industrial

Categorized as RACM ( Regulated Asbestos Containing Material ) Spray applied textures such as "popcorn" ceilings, structural fireproofing, drywall & joint compound, are commonly found in Motel/Hotels, Single Family Residences and Commercial Office Space.

Thermal System Pipe Insulation

Categorized as RACM, A&L Utilizies State of the Art Glove Bag and Full Containment techniques for safe / clean abatement.

Contaminated Site Cleanup

We specialize in cleaning up contaminated abandoned buildings and soil remediation. 

Containment & Control

Is certainly the foremost factor in providing safe, uncompromising conditions within occupied building structures. A&L prides itself in protecting our clients liability, environment and our workers.

For you Safety and the Safety of Others

Regardless of the asbestos categorization all asbestos should be removed by a State Licensed Contractor that is licensed in the state in which the asbestos is to be removed, is fully insured and bonded ( if required ), and has the financial resources to complete your project in a safe, timely & cost effective manner.